Our Story

Cami Blù is the result of a passion project that started with the simple mission of creating high-end jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed every single day. 

The founder, Camelia, noticed that a lot of current jewelry is made based on the fast fashion model, which while being cheap, it uses questionable materials that don’t last and have a huge environmental impact. 

On another hand, traditional fine jewelry comes with huge markups that aren’t justified and therefore end up being locked away most of the time and only worn on special occasions. 

With a lot of research and effort, we discovered that it is possible to create long-lasting affordable pieces that can be enjoyed every single day without any worries. 

At Cami Blù, we take pride in every piece we put out.

Most of it is created here in the US using high grade materials known to be skin-friendly and guaranteed to last. 

Learn more about our process and what materials we use here

And while our journey is still in the beginning, we want to thank you for your continuing support and are looking forward to growing and bringing you new unique designs.


Cami Blù Team