It's Time To Change How You Think About Everyday Jewelry

Trendy mass-produced jewelry is so tempting! We've all been there. It looks great in the store and the prices are so incredibly low, it's hard to pass by.
However, the reality is that you're probably only going to get just a few wears out of it before it starts looking dull or worse, it falls apart and turns your skin green.
Another sad reality is that in order for this kind of jewelry to be profitable, oftentimes the manufacturers have to sacrifice not just the quality of the materials they use, but also the way they treat their workers. 
You've been led to believe that the only alternative is expensive fine jewelry, the kind you wear on special occasions only and then put away carefully in a box.
We're here to tell you that that is no longer true.

We've made it our goal to create unique, high-quality, and sustainable everyday jewelry without the traditional markups

Here's how we accomplish that:

  • We only use high-quality metals and ethically sourced natural gems. We never use any resin, acrylics or other plastics that could end up in a landfill.

  • Our owner, Camelia, is a one-person team, which means most of our jewelry is made to order. This means no extra inventory that gets thrown away.

  • We use recyclable boxes to ship your order in and stay away from using plastic-heavy packaging.